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The tools we use


In the first place, this project is hosted by SourceForge.net (and we thank them for this). We use the SourceForge.net services including the CVS, mailing lists, web site hosting... The SourceForge.net name for the Sylpheed Documentation Project is sylpheeddoc, and you can find sylpheeddoc project developers' page linking to various development services at http://sourceforge.net/projects/sylpheeddoc/.

If you plan to contribute in a regular way (write your own doc, translate a complete document, help me manage the web site...), you will need a SourceForge.net account, check the following page: http://sourceforge.net/

You may also need to subscribe to the mailing lists (one for the CVS commits, and one for the discussions). To subscribe, check the mailing lists section at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/sylpheeddoc/develop

You may want to read the excellent SourceForge.net documentation (source code management, SSH, web hosting services...) at http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/sourceforge/wiki/WikiStart.

DocBook XML

The FAQ and manual were originally written in SGML (Linuxdoc) and translated into HTML using the sgml2html. For the historical record, let's state that these tools, known as the sgmltools, were once included in almost all the Linux distributions, however, they have since fallen into oblivion owing to the interest being focused on the more advanced XML-based DocBook format.

With regards to the DocBook XML version 4, there are, among others, three must-reads. These are DocBook: The Definitive Guide, DocBook XSL Stylesheets: Reference Documentation, and DocBook XSL: The Complete Guide.

The DocBook XML source files with all the necessary build system, XSL stylesheets, or snapshots are stored within the sylpheeddoc CVS repository, under the "doc" module. For information on how to download the source files (cvs checkout), please see the appropriate sylpheeddoc project page. Alternatively, the source files are also included in .tar.gz and .zip archives made available with each documentation release, see the "Documentation" section for download links.


The web pages are based on XML and XHTML pages, XSL stylesheets, processed by Xweb. Xweb is also hosted by SourceForge.net, and can be found at: http://xweb.sourceforge.net/