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People behind the scene

Hiroyuki Yamamoto

Let start by the one who writes Sylpheed!

Francois Barriere

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For the first time I can be on top of a list, if you want to see your name instead of mine here, translate this page or take care of the site!
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I try to maintain this site, and work on the French translation of the FAQ. My name is Francois (but my friends call me Francois) and you can contact me at: barriere.francois at libertysurf.fr

Petr Kovar

As of 2009, he has started to work on updating both the Sylpheed manual and FAQ, and also this site. He realizes that more willing contributors will be needed to actually get the work done, so he is constantly watching for new volunteers!
You can contact him at: pknbe at volny.cz

Former core contributors

The most important people, I should say, the members of the Sylpheed Documentation Team who used to contribute to the Project, were:

  • Paul Kater (paul at nlpagan.net). Author of the English FAQ and manual with:
  • Jens Oberender (j.obi at troja.net).
  • Nick Selby (author of the manual with Paul).
  • Ricardo Mones Lastra (mones at aic.uniovi.es). He was in charge of the Spanish translation of the FAQ and manual.
  • Marcelo Ramos (mramos at montevideo.com.uy). He was working with Ricardo on the Spanish translation of the manual.
  • Melvin Hadasht (melvin.hadasht at free.fr). Updated the French po file, and participated to the French FAQ and manual.
  • Guido Rudolphi (rudolphi at netmon.ch). Worked on the German translation of the documentation.

Not to forget:

  • Olivier Delhomme (dup at users.sourceforge.net).
  • Martin Bretschneider (furbour at users.sourceforge.net).
  • Doruk Fisek (dobidik at users.sourceforge.net).
  • Nicolas Kaiser (nikai at users.sourceforge.net).
  • Frank Weng (fweng at users.sourceforge.net).